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Our goats eat a combination of this and their Goat Chow, as well as hay. A bag of this will last them about 2 months. $15.79 per bag
Bella and Ulysses S. Goat eat a combination of this and their Noble Goat (Non-medicated), as well as hay. A bag of this will last them about 2 months. $18.79 per bag
We currently have 11 Bantam chickens and 9 full size chickens. We try to let our ducks and geese wander, so they can find some natural nutrients, but the weather doesn't always permit that. So they all usually go through 4-5 bags of this feed every month. $14.99 per bag
We use cracked corn for the ducks and geese and to lure the chickens back in their pen. Occasionally, when we get a brave guest, we use corn as a special treat for the chickens! On average two bags will last us a month. $7.00 per bag
Weston is a senior horse who is in a special feeding program to help him maintain his weight. He goes through 4 bags of Senior Feed in a month. $21.50 per bag
Ted is also a part of our feeding program. Since starting on Ultium, he has made significant improvements and he typically goes through 4 bags a month. $24.29 per bag
We currently have 5 rabbits at the Ranch. With one bag of feed, we can feed our bunnies for a whole month. $17.99 per bag
Our rabbits and goats are fed hay as well as their feed. The weather determines how much hay they go through in a month, but usually it is around 3-4 square bales. $6.50 per bale
This serves as bedding for all of our rabbits, goats and chickens. Cages get cleaned every week. To clean all areas, it takes 12 bags of pine shavings per month. $5.75 per bag
We have 9 cats and 7 peacocks that eat this feed. In a one month span, we go through 2-3 40lbs bags of cat feed. $13.99 per 20lb bag $25.29 per 40lb bag


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