Here's what some of the parents have to say about their children's Faith Ranch Summer Camp experiences:




Each year our two horse crazy girls get more pumped to go back to Faith Ranch. It’s their number one priority for the summer. They rave about the way the day flows, so many fun activities to do but not crazy overscheduled. The staff have a firm grip on what’s going on and set a great example in handling matters in a loving, respectful and Christ honoring way. Many of the friendships formed carry on past the summer and really are quite special. The Faith Counselors encourage and challenge the kids to grow in their love for the Lord, and look at how they are walking out their faith.  Faith Ranch grounds are simply a vast and stunning place to be in nature. Our girls’ favorite things include getting to have some independence, the relationship with the counselors, being around and riding horses (of course) and even the food.  Yes, they work up a good country appetite!  Then the highlight of the evenings, a campfire with songs and devotions and general good ‘ole exhaustion.  They find out that they aren’t alone in what they face at school and with friends. They come back home with scriptures that are special to them and fired up for Jesus. The beauty of Faith Ranch is in it’s understated way of bringing out and growing the best in the kids for the sake of the gospel.


-K. Lander




My oldest daughter loves Faith Ranch so much, she made the transition from camper to MIT last summer.  She’s getting to spend her time around the camp and horses, all while learning to mentor younger girls, lead worship around the campfire, and exercise her independence.  It’s a fantastic way for her to spend her summer!


-G. Johnson





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