During Summer Camp, each morning will be filled with horsemanship instruction and in the afternoons you will find campers enjoying various activities such as archery, low ropes course, swimming, and camp crafts.

Our 2019 Summer Camp Dates:

Week 1: June 9th - 15th
Week 2: June 16th - 22nd
Week 3: June 23rd - 29th
Wilderness Camp: June 30th-July 3rd
Week 4: July 7th - 13th
Week 5: July 14th - 20th
Week 6: July 21st - 27th
Week 7: July 28th - August 3rd
Week 8: August 4th-10th


Typical Camp Day

7:00 AM Rise and Shine!

  • Camp Counselors will wake their cabin group to allow them time to prepare for the day.Each camper will choose their morning outfit, brush their teeth, etc.
  • Short cabin devotions will be given by the counselors at this point to start our days off right!

8:00 AM Breakfast

  • A hot, home cooked breakfast will be served to the campers by our staff each morning. The menu varies each day but could includes pancakes, eggs, and fruit.

8:30 AM Barn Class

  • Riding Instructors use this time to allow their students to practice safety, grooming, and saddling. They will also, throughout the week, take time to teach horsemanship theory that applies to their student's level of instruction.

10:00 AM Trail Ride

  • Each riding class heads out on trail to enjoy some of God's creation. They may also use this time to continue practicing riding position, proper spacing, and basic control of their horse.

11:00 AM Arena Lesson

  • Riding classes head to the riding arena where they will receive instruction pertinent to the level that they are studying.

12:00 PM Lunch

  • Lunch is served to campers and though the menu may vary, one popular day is our "Chili & Navajo Frybead" Lunch. On this day, campers may enjoy Navajo Frybread (similar to elephant ears or funnel cake) which they can enjoy with a sweet OR savory twist- choosing between taco toppings, powdered sugar, strawberry/rhubarb jam, or cinnamon sugar.

12:30 PM Rest Period

  • Each cabin group will return to their bunks where they will have the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate for their afternoon activities. They may use this time to sleep, read a book, or enjoy some other quiet activity. Campers remain in their bunks so that the rest of their cabin can rest too.

1:15 PM Activity Period 1

  • Cabin groups choose activities together and rotate through these during the afternoon.

2:30 PM Activity Period 2

  • Allowing for travel time and bathroom breaks, each afternoon activity is approximately 1 hour in length.

3:45 PM Activity Period 3

  • Activity options and descriptions can be found below.

5:00 PM Activity Period 4

  • This last activity period may either be an 'all camp' activity or an opportunity to accomplish a group challenge.

6:00 PM Dinner

  • Dinner is served to campers and menu selections vary each day to provide a variety of well-rounded meal options. One example of a dinner menu would be meatloaf, rolls & butter, green beans, salad bar, and dessert.

7:00 PM Bible Study (Questions about what we believe? Visit Our Beliefs)

  • One hour each evening is allotted for Bible Study and worship. Campers have the opportunity to sing songs together out of the camp song book. They will also hear from the camp staff as simple messages are shared, teaching about God's offer of salvation and what that means to us.

8:00 PM Evening Activity

  • Sunday Night is our opening campfire with camp songs!
  • Mondays are our barn dance or barn games night.
  • Tuesdays are Talent & Testimony night where campers get the chance to share something with their friends.
  • Wednesdays are overnight and/or cookout, depending on each camper group's choice.
  • Thursdays are our Counselor Hunt.
  • Friday brings each week's closing campfire with one last opportunity for Bible Study & worship.

9:30 PM Daily Reflection

  • Along with discussing what they've learned and experienced throughout the day, campers and counselors alike have the opportunity to share their favorite and least favorite moments from the day as well as the upcoming events they are most looking forward to, often in a game called Rose, Bud, Thorn.

10:00 PM Showers

  • Campers are given the opportunity to shower each evening, in order to remove the evidence of a full day of camp fun!

10:30 PM Lights Out

  • Each cabin group has the same lights out time, to allow plenty of time for rest. Camp days are long and full which typically makes for a very good nights sleep!


$450 - FULL WEEK
$350 - HALF WEEK
$250 - DAY CAMP

High Adventure Horsemanship

With your assigned horse for the week, you will have the opportunity to work on your horsemanship skills. You will gain practical experience as you learn basic horse care during your classwork, in the arena, and while riding out on trail.

Campers receive a total of 15 hours of comprehensive instruction from a CHA or CCHI riding instructor.

Instruction begins with the opportunity to learn grooming, saddling, safety, and basic control of your horse. Participants who transition to upper levels will work on skills such as cantering, jumping, and other advanced maneuvers. Practice of these skills is dependent on completion of the first level.


NOTE: Most campers require more than one week of camp to complete each level. We strive to help your child improve their riding skills but we are more interested in them personally than in what level they are working on.

 Completion of the first level includes the demonstration of learned skills including but not limited to walking, trotting, control of your horse, safety rules, and a written evaluation.


Giant Scrabble
Life-Size Scrabble is sure to be a hit, playing on the grassy hill or in the barn in case of rain.

Learn how to draw and shoot a bow & arrow! Safety is our first priority as we teach your child the ins & out of this age-old sport.

Camp Project
Campers can choose a service project if they like. These could include helping clean out rabbit trays, weeding a flower bed, or even marking a walking trail.

With lifeguards and safety vests in hand, campers head out to the "Horse Swimming Pond" for some good ol' fashioned fun! They learn how to steer and paddle as they work together to explore the pond.

Low Ropes Course
Teamwork is the name of the game in our new low ropes course. Campers will test their balance, communication and teamwork skills during this instant favorite.

Cabin groups can choose a "make and take" craft. Past crafts have included paper bag scrapbooks, pony bead bandanas, ceramics painting, and more!

Critter Care
Wish you had a pet at home? Campers can visit the small animals throughout the week and learn about their care. You will get plenty of time to cuddle a few baby animals 🙂

Grab the tackle box and some fishing poles and head out to the pond! You may even catch a bass or two 🙂

Playing Frisbee or Football is sure to round out any activity, especially when they are taken out to a grassy field near the Ranch House.

Group Games
Camp counselors help their cabin group get creative as they enjoy the simplicity of 'back yard fun' playing games like hula hoop pass, blob tag, and more.

Lariat Session
Learn to throw a lariat and practice on the rusty steer. You may learn enough to consider joining a heading and heeling team someday.

Lawn Games
From horseshoes to corn-hole toss with walking stilts, YeeHaw ball, and Giant Jenga inbetween; campers are sure to enjoy making memories together with these games!

Monkey Bridge/Swings
Learn to trust your counselors and each other as you walk across the monkey bridge, and feel the beautiful breeze as you swing in the shade!

Nature or Creek Walk
Explore the woods and creeks of the property surrounding the Ranch House! There is much to see and do as your counselor uses this opportunity to teach you about the many sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors!

Saddle Soaping
Learn all about the care of your horse's tack as you carefully soap, scrub, and oil their equipment.

Scavenger Hunt
With several scavenger hunts to choose from, you can travel about the ranch as you and your cabin group work to see who can complete first!

Looking to cool off during a hot summer afternoon? Try out our NEW swimming pool found in a beautiful sunny area! 

Team Building Initiatives
Working together as a cabin, challenge yourselves to achieve goals and communicate as a team!



Each year our two horse crazy girls get more pumped to go back to Faith Ranch. It’s their number one priority for the summer. They rave about the way the day flows, so many fun activities to do but not crazy overscheduled. The staff have a firm grip on what’s going on and set a great example in handling matters in a loving, respectful and Christ honoring way. Many of the friendships formed carry on past the summer and really are quite special. The Faith Counselors encourage and challenge the kids to grow in their love for the Lord, and look at how they are walking out their faith.
Faith Ranch grounds are simply a vast and stunning place to be in nature. Our girls’ favorite things include getting to have some independence, the relationship with the counselors, being around and riding horses (of course) and even the food.  Yes, they work up a good country appetite!  Then the highlight of the evenings, a campfire with songs and devotions and general good ‘ole exhaustion.  They find out that they aren’t alone in what they face at school and with friends. They come back home with scriptures that are special to them and fired up for Jesus. The beauty of Faith Ranch is in it’s understated way of bringing out and growing the best in the kids for the sake of the gospel.

K. Lander

Faith Ranch is a paradise for horse loving children here on earth. It was worth the long drive from Cleveland. I think it made my daughter's summer! It reminds us of just how beautiful God's country really is and we should give thanks every day!
B. Sanderson


I love Faith Ranch! I trust them totally with my daughter who has been there at least 5 times. Their staff is so loving and caring. My daughter remembers them from year to year. They are very knowledgeable and have good values and make it fun for the kids. Thank you everyone for taking such great care of my daughter for the week. God Bless all of you. We will see you next summer.

T. Welch


My daughter has been to other Christian Camps and she really enjoyed the fact that your camp offered more Bible study. I was worried about my seven year old being that it was his first experience away from home for more than one night. However, the counselors were awesome. They made him feel at home and relaxed. The first thing he said when I came to pick him up was, 'Can we come back in two weeks?' Thank you to everyone at Faith Ranch for giving my children memories that will last a lifetime.

C. Horton


My daughter has been to several camps and this is her absolute favorite! Church outside was an awesome experience and Rosita is her favorite horse. I had zero complaints from my child and her experience was positive and she can't wait to go back next summer.

L. Johnson


We had an amazing  2018 summer with lots of mending and restoring! We are counting down the days to the start of our 2019 summer and are very excited for all that God has in store! Meet our 2019 summer staff and learn some fun facts about them!



This will be Sydney's third summer as a M.I.T. at Faith Ranch. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is currently still in high school, but is talking college classes and leaning toward a Liberal Arts degree and hopes to pursue Journalism. She is a worship leader at her church and her favorite band is Third Day. She also enjoys arts and crafts and is most looking forward to spending time with campers and ponies and strengthening her bond with Christ! She has been riding at Faith Ranch for the last 8 years and is currently a level 3.

"Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." -Psalm 91: 1-2



From Jenkintown, PA, this will be Madalyn's first summer with us. She is currently attending Grove City for Early/Special Education with a minor in Psychology. She loves to cook...Some of her favorite dishes are stir-fry, chicken marsala, and soups of any kind. She is most looking forward to helping children grow in their faith and hopes to help the campers appreciate God’s majestic creativity through His creation.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” - Psalm 133:1



After being a camper and spending a few weeks with us as a counselor over the past summers, Victoria will be joining us for most of the summer this year.  She currently attends Mount Vernon Nazarene University for Art Education (K-12). Victoria grew up in Virginia Beach and is an avid fan of anything ocean/nature related. She is excited for the whole summer, but says the most important would be connecting with God and helping campers to do the  same.

"...Perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?" -Esther 4:14   
"This is my commandment: Love each other as I have loved you." -John 15:12
 "...For though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light." -Micah 7:8



This will be Hannah's first summer at Faith Ranch and she is joining us from Crawfordsville, Indiana. She is keeping busy at college as she is majoring in History with a dual minor in English and Museum Studies. Hannah enjoys reading and has actually read all the Garfield comic strips. She is  looking forward to working with the campers and seeing them grow in their faith. 

"But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions-it is by grace you have been saved." -Ephesians 2:4-5



Angel is currently a freshman biology major at Grove City College. She will be joining us from Centerville, PA for her first summer at Faith Ranch. She has grown up with animals; she even used to have a pet turkey named Jake who tried to get on the school bus with her. Angel is excited to spend the summer with horses and to meet lots of new people while helping others grow in their faith.

"Jesus overheard them and said don't be afraid, just have faith." - Mark 5:36



While she has been to the Ranch to volunteer a few times, this is will be Trisha's first summer with us. She is from Lawrence County where she currently is going to school for Mass Media Engineering. She has been around horses since she was six years old and is looking forward to teaching the campers about God's love and horses.

"You are my hiding place;you will protect me from troubles as surround me with songs of deliverance." -Psalm 32:7-8



After spending last summer with us as a M.I.T., Elspeth will be joining us from Lewis Center, OH for her first summer as a counselor. She currently attend the University of Evansville for nursing and has been camping since she was in diapers. She is excited to see how God has worked this past year in the lives of past campers and to see what new things He will do this summer.

"...Jesus said, Healthy people don't need a doctor - sick people do. Then he added, Now go and learn the meaning of this scripture: I want you to show mercy not offer sacrifices. For I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners." -Matthew 9:12-13 



After years of being a camper here, Sammy will be joining us for her first summer as a M.I.T.  She is currently still in High School, but takes many college courses. She plays Girls Field Hockey and Lacrosse; loves outdoors and is always looking for new adventures! She is most excited to meet new people and help them grow in their walks with Christ as she continues to grow in her walk.

 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.” -1 Timothy 4:12




Lexi has also been a camper at Faith Ranch for years and will be joining us for her first summer as a M.I.T.  While still in High School, she enjoys photography and is considering pursing that. She is currently working at Wendy's and loves her dog! She is looking forward to learning more about God and meeting everyone.

 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” -Psalm 34:18



Here at Faith Ranch, we spend our summers working with campers, helping them to grow in their walk with Christ and to develop positive, encouraging relationships with each other and their counselors! If you are interested in spending your summer here with the opportunity to minister to children ages 7 - 18, please prayerfully consider filling out the application below! There will be about 3 weeks of Staff Training, followed by 7 weeks of Summer Camp!

We are now offering a M.I.T. (Ministry Member in Training) Program. With this program, applicants will be able to learn counseling techniques, and be able to help and lend a hand in various tasks, such as stables, kitchen, housekeeping, crafts etc. This program will allow applicants to learn these skills while still providing them the opportunity to participate in the evening activities, such as barn dances, hayrides, games, etc.

*To be a counselor, you must be at least 18 years old.
**To be a M.I.T., you must be 16 or 17 years old.