Packing for Summer Camp

Comfortable Outdoor Clothing

o  T-Shirts, button-up shirts, etc1

o  Denim Jeans and/or heavy long pants

o  Shorts2

o  Riding Boots or Hard Soled Shoes (for horseback riding)3

o  Tennis shoes, Sandals

o  Sleepwear

o  Undergarments and Socks

o  Rainwear, including rubber boots

o  Sweater, Jacket, or ‘hoodie’4

o  Modest Swimsuit5 and Flip Flops



o  Bible, paper, pencils

o  Laundry Bag

o  Sleeping Bag or Sheets/Blankets and Pillow

o  Comb/hair brush

o  Shampoo/Conditioner

o  Toothbrush, toothpaste

o  Other Toiletries

o  Soap, washcloth, and several towels

o  Addressed, stamped postcard(s) or envelope(s) to write home

o  Notepaper or Postcards, Pen and Stamps

o  Riding Helmet (or use one of ours)

o  Medications- both prescription and OTC



o  Insect Repellent

o  Sunblock

o  Chapstick

o  Camera

o  Rest Hour Activities: book, paper puzzles, crayons, etc. (No video games please)


1Please leave ‘spaghetti strap’ shirts at home.

2Shorts should be as long as fingertips when standing with arms hanging.

3Riding boots are preferred but ‘tread-less’, heeled non-riding boots will also work.

4Evenings are often spent outside

5One-piece suits are not mandatory but will prevent campers from being required to wear t-shirt. Campers that bring a two-piece swimsuit will be asked to wear a t-shirt over their swimsuit.


It is not recommended to send new pants or shoes for daily activities.


Please DO NOT Bring

Cell phones, radios, CD or MP3 players, video games, gum, candy, food, knives, matches, lighters, fireworks, firearms, and pets. And of course, tobacco products, alcohol and drugs are never permitted!



For everyone’s safety, all medications (prescription AND OTC) must be turned in to the Camp Nurse during registration. Please ensure that you have sufficient medication for your child’s stay. Medications must be in the actual prescription container not a daily pill box. We reserve the right to turn away campers who arrive with communicable illnesses (lice, pink eye, strep throat, etc.)




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