God is the Way Maker

Liz BoggsUncategorized

How many times have you gotten angry or frustrated by something that happened? You have everything planned out and then something unexpected happens that throws you for a loop? Or you’ve gone through life and all the sudden out of nowhere everything you thought you knew has been flipped upside down and things you never thought would happen to you are happening?

Isn’t it funny how in the blink of an eye things can change? God has a plan. He is still moving. He is still working in your life. Even through the chaos and the challenges, God is doing something. You have to remember that you don’t see the big picture, you don’t see what’s coming your way…all you can see is the current struggle and challenge you are facing.

Instead of getting angry when something goes differently than you planned, do you ever think that the reason you are going through a hardship is because you are strong enough to handle it? Because God is using this hardship to prepare you for the next phase of your life? Just because things don’t work out how we have planned, doesn’t mean everything is falling apart…these times are shaping and leading us toward God’s plan for our lives. Just like the song by Sinach says, “Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, My God that is who you are”. That is God. He will always make a way in your life, He will never break a promise, and when you go through dark places and trials-He will be the light that guides you through. That song continues on to say, “even when I don’t see it You’re working, even when I don’t feel it You’re working, You never stop working.” God is always working. We will not always see it and we will not always feel it, but He is still working.

Have you ever heard that the teacher is silent during the test? They are still there while you are testing, they are still watching over you, but they can’t help you. That is exactly what God does for us, He watches over us and moves among us, but sometimes He has to stay silent and let us learn to rely on Him.

When something doesn’t happen the way you planned, change the way you look at it. Find a way to be encouraged by it. Often times when things work out differently than you have planned, it’s for the better. It allows you to see something you would have otherwise missed. It gives you a renewed and refreshed point of view. It lets you see things from other people’s perspectives. Just because something unexpected happens, doesn’t mean God has left you or given up on you. It doesn’t mean that you have ruined His whole plan for your life. Look at it as a blessing. These challenges and surprises in your lives help you to rely on God. They push you into a closer relationship with Him, they push you out of your comfort zone and help you to have complete and total faith in God because you are on unfamiliar ground.

When things don’t go as planned, trust in the Way Maker…He will be your light in the darkness and He is always working, even when we can’t see it or feel it!


*Song: Way Maker by Sinach