Ride-a-thon Summer Camp Fundraiser

Thank you to our participants and generous donors who were willing to make contributions and support our campers!


You have the opportunity to seek sponsors for this event. All funds raised for the event will go directly into Faith Ranch's summer camp scholarship fund.

The Scholarship Fund makes camp more affordable for families. Thanks to generous donations to our Scholarship Fund, we were able to provide scholarships to everyone who requested one (15 children) for the 2016 summer camp, and still have some in our account for our 2017 season.

Event Registration


Sponsor a Rider


Riding Waiver
This waiver needs to be filled out and signed before you ride. Each individual needs to sign the waiver, and any minor children should have a signature from a legal parent/guardian.

Past Event Sponsors


P.O. Box 355
Jewett, Ohio 43986


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