Trusting through the deep waters

Liz BoggsUncategorized


How easy it is to trust God when you are standing on the mountain top looking down. The true test begins when we are in the valley. We no longer have that aerial view of everything happening around us. We now have to have faith that even when we can’t see the big picture; when we no longer have the view we once did, that God is working. That even though we can’t see it, He is still with us in the deep waters. We have no problem trusting God when everything is going good and we are on the ‘high ground’, but as soon as the wind blows and knocks us down a small amount, we start to blame God. Trust me, I know it is not always easy trusting in God as the deep waters start rushing in, but He is there with you. He will get you through the storm and you will be on the mountain top again. Hang in there and keep your faith. God is working everything out, you just have to be still, have patience and know that in God’s timing (not ours) everything will work out and we will have clarity and understanding of everything we went through.